Repair or Replace a Chimney

A brick chimney is an attractive and cozy feature of a home. It is important to patch any cracks in the brick to reduce the risk of fires. While you don’t need to replace the whole chimney, repair cracks as early as possible to avoid costly repairs and save yourself from a chimney fire.

Chimney Repair

The flashing on your chimney must be in good condition to prevent water from penetrating your roof. A broken chimney flashing can cause water to leak into your roof, which will cause further damage. Luckily, this can usually be repaired with new roofing cement or caulk. However, some flashing is beyond repair and requires a full replacement. The flashing around the chimney comprises base flashing and step flashing, which is installed around the bottom. Step flashing is interwoven or overlapped to direct water away from the chimney and roof. If you’re unsure about chimney repair, consult a chimney expert to learn more about the different repair methods. 

Repointing involves repairing the chimney’s structure by filling in the existing mortar. This will prevent the chimney from deteriorating further. A minor repair can be done yourself, but a major overhaul requires the help of a professional. The repointing process is usually priced between $700 and $1200.

Cracked mortar joints are another problem that needs to be addressed. Cracked mortar joints cannot support the weight of a chimney and can cause a fire. The mortar that holds the bricks together weakens due to constant exposure to moisture. Cracked chimney bricks also result in blowback when smoke from your fireplace escapes through the chimney without a proper draft.

Chimney repair can be an expensive job. The cost of rebuilding a chimney varies a lot from region to region. You should include your zip code when seeking an estimate, as the price may be significantly different. If you are still determining whether your chimney requires rebuilding, talk to your chimney sweep and structural engineer for an accurate quote. The cost to repair or replace a brick chimney varies from one thousand to three thousand dollars. If it is just cracked and needs a new flue liner, it may only cost around two hundred dollars. However, if it needs to be completely rebuilt, the cost may be as high as $4000.

During the repair, be sure to keep the structure of the chimney intact. You may need to add a chimney cap to keep it in good condition. A chimney cap can also protect your home from wind and snow. A properly functioning chimney can keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Before hiring a chimney repair specialist, read reviews about each company on Google and HomeGuide. You can ask to see the company’s previous work. Also, check the company’s credentials by calling the BBB. Avoid companies that quote the lowest price and don’t provide a written contract and warranty. It is also important to avoid paying a large upfront fee and devise a payment plan. Finally, always check the contractor’s license, insurance, and subcontractor.

In addition to repairing a damaged or deteriorated chimney, replacing a damaged or missing chase cover is also important. These chimney caps are the first line of defense, preventing water and debris from getting into the chimney system. A full chimney replacement may be needed if a chimney cap is missing or damaged.

Chimneys eliminate toxic gases from your home if they’re in good shape. They are very useful, but they need regular cleaning, otherwise, they can be very dangerous. Another reason you need to get your chimney cleaned over the summer months is that you will get peace of mind from a specialist chimney sweep that could ensure no carbon monoxide or CO in your residence. A leaking chimney is frequently the reason behind water damage in ceilings. Sweeping your chimney is vital to lower the chance of a devastating fire.

Even if the chimney is brand-new, using brand-new brick and mortar, there is an assortment of explanations for why a chimney would crack. Getting your chimney cleaned regularly is important for an assortment of explanations. A chimney rebuild can certainly receive a modest cost. Damaged chimneys are also dangerous since they could result in a devastating chimney fire. Replacing damaged and leaking chimney flashing is essential to keeping a fireplace. The safest and most prevalent kind of residential chimneys are made from brick and frequently require assistance from an expert mason when in need of repair.